Your House, Your Castle

Peace family, what is the craziest thing you would ever use to decorate your house? Last night my housemate and I were looking at the assorted holiday decorations in the Pottery Barn catalog, and it occurred to me that although I am too cheap, I mean, economical, to buy many themed decorations (I prefer to buy things that can be used all year round), there were several quirky items which inspired my imagination: a test tube set, a dragon drink dispenser, a little cheese fork with a dagger … [Continue reading]

Simple Joys

Peace family, no matter how things look over all in our lives, let's both just take a moment to focus on the small, simple good things. I mean it! Take a deep breath. No matter how silly you feel admitting it, what is something small that you enjoy about being alive? Yesterday, I was struck by the fact that even the simplest joys are joys nonetheless. Even if the things we take time to appreciate are small, they still count! What's more, the things we give our focus to can color our other … [Continue reading]

Recipe: Roasted Salsa and Guacamole

Peace family, football season is upon us, and for us Texans, salsa and guacamole are a must at celebratory gatherings! I (Kat) was on a car trip over the weekend and randomly remembered that a long time ago, I promised a friend of mine that I would give her a copy of my salsa and […]

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He Knows Your Future

bird in hands

Peace Family, you’re in good hands and God knows your future. I hope you can truly know that today, in the depth of your guts, whether you feel it or not. Honey, Satan does not know your future. If he is speaking bad things over you today, I just want to encourage you that only God […]

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Your Journey Has A Purpose

Frodo Done

Peace Family, your journey has a purpose, even if you can’t see it. I’m going to branch out onto a nerdy limb here (see what I did there?) and refer to one of my favorite works, The Lord of The Rings. Do you ever feel like you have a heavy burden strapped around your neck […]

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Feed Your Enemies

Feed Your Enemies   A scriptural call to overcome our divisive instincts. Dorothy Greco, guest writer There’s a curious sentence in Psalm 23 that unsettles me. David writes, “You prepare a feast for me in the presence of my enemies.” In the same passage where the king presents God as the Good Shepherd and celebrates his provision, […]

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Remembering September 11th


Peace family, you will probably never forget where you were thirteen years ago, when you heard that the World Trade Center and Pentagon had been attacked by terrorists. Where were you? How did you feel? Do you know who else will never forget where he was, or how you felt? God. Take comfort in the fact that […]

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You Are Loved


Peace family, is there someone who might need encouragement from you today? Who might need to hear the words said that you love them? Who might need a hug? A dear friend of mine has been in the hospital (the picture above was taken just before she crushed me in a game of Candyland, for the […]

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7 Tips to Be Happy


Hi Peace Family!  I found these tips on Facebook and thought they might brighten your day today.  Sometimes just a reminder of these things can make all the difference in the direction of your day. Hearing that it’s okay not to know all the answers, and being reminded that time can heal are some things […]

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