About Baseball and Love

Peace family, even if you feel like a scared little-leaguer batting with his eyes closed, you are still loved, regardless of your performance. Sometimes we can get so wrapped up in all that we have to do, as well as our own inability to do it perfectly, that we have trouble remembering that God loves us merely  because He wants to, and not because of anything that we have or haven't done. We don't have to earn his love, and we don't have to impress him. He doesn't demand that you bat 400- a … [Continue reading]

Recipe: Tiramisu

Peace family, when was the last time you made something special? My housemate's sweetheart came for a visit, so I decided to make tiramisu (Italian for "pick me up") following this recipe, and it was great! Even if some of the ingredients are expensive, it is sooo delicious and worth it! Why not make something special for your loved ones today? :) -Kat Tiramisu Recipe courtesy of Giada De Laurentiis from the food network website (address below) Total Time: 2 hr 25 min Prep: 25 … [Continue reading]

A Celebration of Autumn!

Peace family, with today as the first official day of fall, it’s time for a wonderful new season, full of wonderful new things! What are you celebrating today? What are your favorite fall traditions? One friend of mine calls this “Baking Season” and her husband calls it “Pie Season.” Many people affectionately call it Football […]

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You Say…God Says


Hi Peace Family! Here is something that is a great reference for you to match your needs with what God says about you and to you. Some days are harder than others. I am one to surround myself with positive verses and sayings for encouragement. This is something you can use as a screensaver, print […]

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Remember Who You Are

Lion King Remember

Peace family, there is an African proverb that says “The daughter of a lion is also a lion.” (Of course, this logic applies to sons as well.) If you are feeling weak, disrespected, insecure, unloved, or unprotected today, I want to encourage you to remember who your Heavenly Father is. The Bible calls Jesus “The […]

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Your House, Your Castle

Peace family, what is the craziest thing you would ever use to decorate your house? Last night my housemate and I were looking at the assorted holiday decorations in the Pottery Barn catalog, and it occurred to me that although I am too cheap, I mean, economical, to buy many themed decorations (I prefer to […]

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Simple Joys


Peace family, no matter how things look over all in our lives, let’s both just take a moment to focus on the small, simple good things. I mean it! Take a deep breath. No matter how silly you feel admitting it, what is something small that you enjoy about being alive? Yesterday, I was struck […]

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Recipe: Roasted Salsa and Guacamole

Peace family, football season is upon us, and for us Texans, salsa and guacamole are a must at celebratory gatherings! I (Kat) was on a car trip over the weekend and randomly remembered that a long time ago, I promised a friend of mine that I would give her a copy of my salsa and […]

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He Knows Your Future

bird in hands

Peace Family, you’re in good hands and God knows your future. I hope you can truly know that today, in the depth of your guts, whether you feel it or not. Honey, Satan does not know your future. If he is speaking bad things over you today, I just want to encourage you that only God […]

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Your Journey Has A Purpose

Frodo Done

Peace Family, your journey has a purpose, even if you can’t see it. I’m going to branch out onto a nerdy limb here (see what I did there?) and refer to one of my favorite works, The Lord of The Rings. Do you ever feel like you have a heavy burden strapped around your neck […]

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