Remember to Vote!

Peace family, sometimes it can feel like nothing we do makes a difference in our country, or that it's just too much of a hassle to make it to the voting booth, but we are so privileged to have the right to vote! Even though these elections are for local representatives, what we choose at this level really does make a difference in who ends up getting to represent us on a larger scale. With so many troubling things going on in our country and in the world, don't miss the opportunity to … [Continue reading]

Bless And Do Not Curse

Peace family, what do you do when someone has deeply wounded you? Are there people in your life who stir up pain, anger, resentment, or bitterness in your soul any time that you see them or are reminded of them? Over the weekend, I was really convicted of Christ's admonition to bless and not curse. Sometimes, when someone hurts us so badly, our pain can simply give us a revulsion to them. Like being attacked by a dog, we certainly wouldn't want to see that dog ever again, much less pet any … [Continue reading]

Brazos Valley Fair Weekend!

Fiona and trophy

Peace family, yeehaw, y’all! This weekend is the Brazos Valley Fair, and Brian and I have spent all week talking about what we love about fairs; from blooming onions to freshly spun cotton candy, from hogs to Holsteins, from grand-prize pies to carnival rides, there is something enjoyable for pretty much everyone at a good fair! Tonight, […]

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Promise of a Bougainvillea


Hi Peace Family! It’s Jami Mayberry. When I was living and working in Southern California in the 80s I actually lived on an island. It’s called Balboa Island and it’s right by Newport Beach. I lived in a little cottage with a white picket fence and beautiful bougainvilleas all around the house. It was beautiful! […]

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Boss Appreciation Day!

Thank you for not firing me

Peace family, today is Boss Appreciation Day! How can you bless your boss today? A lot of times, people in leadership feel like they have to be strong for everyone else, and without much support. It can be lonely, not to mention that it’s difficult to deal with so many people effectively and still get […]

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Jewish Penicillin

Ingredients for Jewish Penicillin in Kat's Kitchen

Peace family, what makes you feel most loved when you are under the weather? There are chicken soups, and there are chicken soups. When I need to bring out the big guns (such as this week, because several of my friends have fevers and colds), I make one of my favorite and most trusty standbys: […]

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Rainy Days and Mondays

Comfy Cozy courtesy of Nell Blagg on Pinterest

Peace family, do rainy days make you feel blue? I was thinking this morning about how rainy days can make you wish for sunnier ones, but there are unique qualities that make a rainy day special in its own way. There is something sleep-inducing about a rainy day. The rain restores all the plants outside and gives […]

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More Than Blessed

purple shoes

Peace family, when was the last time that you really kicked back and just focused on the goodness of God: the goodness of God’s character, but also the specific ways He has blessed you personally? I have been thinking through some of the different ways that Christians can meet up with God and encounter his […]

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Recipe: Potato Soup

Photo of potato soup courtesy of Oxmoor House

Peace family, with the chilly weather we had over the weekend, I have been craving potato soup! This recipe looks like a winner. I have copied and pasted a recipe below, courtesy of you can find the link to the full website at the bottom of the recipe. Bon Appétit! Kat Potato Soup This […]

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Broken Bones, Broken Hearts

kid with cast

Peace family, here’s a little reminder today to be kind to yourself. Something I was thinking about over the weekend, is that we all understand the concept of a broken bone. We understand that it demands patience and can take several months to get back to normal. We understand how natural and important it is […]

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