“Therefore we do not lose heart. Though outwardly we are wasting away, yet inwardly we are being renewed day by day.” —II Corinthians 4:16 (NIV)

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The Key to Peace

Peace Family this is such a busy time of year it can be a bit overwhelming. In the midst of starting a new school year, the coming of fall, football season upon us and all the new beginnings there has to be a way to stay centered and hold on to your peace.  This is […]

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Back to School and Conversations

Back to school time is here in Brazos County! Are you ready? Car pools, drop off lines, pick up lines and everything in between. But sometimes those times are great to talk and have conversations. About anything and everything. We are somewhat a captive audience in the car. Sometimes you drive in silence and other […]

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Carrot soup

Recipe: Carrot & Coriander Soup

Peace family, during the time that I lived in the U.K., carrot and coriander soup became one of my favorites! Also, even though the word “coriander” sounds exotic, that’s actually just what the English call “cilantro,” and we have a plentiful supply in Texas! I originally got this recipe from James Tanner of Ready, Steady, […]

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Celebrating Good Things

Peace family, there are so many opportunities to celebrate being alive, and so many good things to celebrate! Today, I am inspired and uplifted by Tricia Barksdale and all of her staff at Tricia Barksdale Designs. A lot of us have been looking forward to the return of Bluebell ice cream, but Tricia took it a step […]

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Matters of the Heart: My Story of Unplanned Pregnancy

I was the little girl in church that skipped down the halls, singing all the way to Sunday school. In Jr. High I was one that sat by the new girl and made her feel welcome. I was an active leader in the high school youth group. No one suspected that I would be the […]

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Finding the Type of Counseling that is Right for You

Many people are not aware that there are two types of counselors. The few who do know are confused about the differences between a Pastoral Counselor and a state Licensed Professional Counselor. In some aspects they are very similar, but in many ways they are very different. Traditional Licensed Professional Counselors and Pastoral Counselors are […]

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Christian Cowboy

Chad Hennings is best known for his role with America’s Team, the Dallas Cowboys. Chad’s successes began long before his professional football career. During his four-year stint with the Air Force, he flew 45 missions in northern Iraq, received two aerial achievement medals, a humanitarian award, and an outstanding unit award for his actions in […]

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Don’t Be Selfish with Heaven: Three Attributes of a Disciple of Jesus

The moment a person gives their life to the Lord, Heaven rejoices as one of God’s creations has just been adopted into the family of God. Another soul has been saved from the grasps of the enemy. For most Christians, we are content in our salvation. We rest comfortably knowing that we are saved. We […]