Remembering Thankfulness

Peace Family, what are you thankful for? Recently, I was reminded to count my blessings! One of my mentors encouraged me to get a journal and write specifically about the things I am thankful for every day. The funny thing about it is, once you begin to cultivate an atmosphere of gratitude in your heart, it is difficult to stop! It doesn’t mean that all of your problems or worries go away, but it is at least nice to focus on what God really has done for you. If you start by just thanking … [Continue reading]

Not Good Enough

Peace family, do you ever feel like you aren't good enough? My friend Brian Morgan wrote this, and it really struck me. My prayer is that it encourages you today. -Kat “Not Good Enough” by Brian N. Morgan Not good enough. Has that thought ever crossed your mind?  Has it ever felt true to you?  There are times when we try to do something – such as start a new business, work on a relationship, write a book, or create a work of art – and are plagued by the thought that, no matter … [Continue reading]

Something New


Peace family, when was the last time that you tried something new? I’ve found a lot of joy lately with some new pursuits! This is going to sound really silly, but honestly, I’ve been reading about football in order to better understand this thing that means so much to so many people, especially here in […]

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In A Rut

Peace family, what do you do when you are in a rut? When you are feeling uninspired, how do you get back into action? I have been having some major writer’s block, both with this blog and also with a novel I am trying to write, and it’s made me want to think back to other more […]

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Hi Peace Family it’s Jami Mayberry.  This is the time of year that, hopefully, you and your family can take some time off for a vacation.  Even a stay-cation can be stress reducing.  I watch my co-workers at Bryan Broadcasting come back from a few days off refreshed and full of stories and photographs of […]

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Desiring Healing


Peace family, why is it so easy to believe lies sometimes? Like anyone, I have some areas in my life that need healing, and I am finding a lot of growth through participating in a program called Celebrate Recovery. One of the program’s principles states, “Earnestly believe that God exists, that I matter to Him, […]

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Missions Without Glory

My friend Selina and I, reminiscing about India

Peace family, do you have a heart for missions, but for whatever reason, it looks like God just wants you to stay here? If so, I want to encourage you today. Raising a family and working a normal job might not seem as glamorous or as noble as living in a hut in Africa and […]

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