“But the Lord is faithful, and he will strengthen you and protect you from the evil one.” —II Thessalonians 3:3 (NIV)

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Sam and Frodo 2

Are you Sam, or Frodo?

Peace family, right now, do you think of yourself more as a Sam, or as a Frodo? I know that not everyone loves Lord of the Rings as much as I do, but I’ve been thinking about Sam and Frodo’s friendship, and about how we all need those kinds of authentic relationships, even though sometimes […]


When Believing is Hard

Peace family, what do you do when it feels like the truths that God says about you and your future aren’t true? Do you ever question God’s love for you, and his character? Every believer wrestles through doubt sometimes, so don’t feel alone. There are at least a few practical methods you can use to help yourself as you […]

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Time Of My Life Tour

You’re invited to celebrate Peace 107’s third birthday party at the Time Of My Life Tour, featuring Unspoken, The Afters, Chris August, and Among the Thirsty! Join us October 10th at First Baptist Bryan for an evening of powerful music, plus delicious artisan cupcakes for the first 500 people in the door, courtesy of Ciana’s Cakes! VIP entry is 5:15, […]


Family Grace and Love

Hi Peace Family, Jami Mayberry here and I have a story to tell you about God’s grace. Years ago when my brother and his wife divorced, I begged her to let me stay in my niece and nephew’s life. I had so much love to give them and I didn’t agree with my brother’s choices. […]

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Matters of the Heart: My Story of Unplanned Pregnancy

I was the little girl in church that skipped down the halls, singing all the way to Sunday school. In Jr. High I was one that sat by the new girl and made her feel welcome. I was an active leader in the high school youth group. No one suspected that I would be the […]

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Finding the Type of Counseling that is Right for You

Many people are not aware that there are two types of counselors. The few who do know are confused about the differences between a Pastoral Counselor and a state Licensed Professional Counselor. In some aspects they are very similar, but in many ways they are very different. Traditional Licensed Professional Counselors and Pastoral Counselors are […]

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Christian Cowboy

Chad Hennings is best known for his role with America’s Team, the Dallas Cowboys. Chad’s successes began long before his professional football career. During his four-year stint with the Air Force, he flew 45 missions in northern Iraq, received two aerial achievement medals, a humanitarian award, and an outstanding unit award for his actions in […]

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Don’t Be Selfish with Heaven: Three Attributes of a Disciple of Jesus

The moment a person gives their life to the Lord, Heaven rejoices as one of God’s creations has just been adopted into the family of God. Another soul has been saved from the grasps of the enemy. For most Christians, we are content in our salvation. We rest comfortably knowing that we are saved. We […]