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Over this past year Gary and Martha Spivey, owners of the local America’s Choice Roofing, felt it in their hearts to help three different families that were in need of fixing up their roofs. The first family lived in Mexia and did not have insurance that would cover fixing up the holes in their roof that was causing water damage to the rest of their home. Gary’s oldest daughter, Hannah was so moved by the story that she convinced her parents to help this family who was so clearly in need of their assistance. At no cost, the Spiveys repaired the holes and made sure that water damage would no longer be an issue.

The caring couple spotted the next person who they were going to dedicate their time and resources to. This person happened to be one of their neighbors, and on one of Gary’s daily trips past the house it occurred to him how aged the roof appeared.  The roof was experiencing numerous leaks and the family had no way to afford repairing it, so the Spiveys installed a new roof for them.

The most recent family to be helped, James and Martha Watson, had suffered damage left by a passing hailstorm. The roof was in need of repair, and they could not afford to fix it themselves, since they were both retired and lived off a fixed income. All the couple could do was turn to the Lord in prayer.


While returning to work at Reed Arena, Martha Watson met Gary and described the recent turmoil that had struck her neighborhood. After their conversation, Gary offered to inspect her roof, and only after did he realize the full extent of the damage. James and Martha’s insurance had dropped them after they could not afford the upkeep to their roof, so the roof sat in a state of degradation. When Martha Watson told her husband about Gary’s offer to repair the roof, he could not believe it. Even after all the supplies had arrived James still looked on with disbelief. He just could not comprehend why someone would repair his roof for free.  “America’s Choice was an answer to our prayers!” said the Watsons.

After Gary and his family completed this recent project at the Watson’s, the idea of starting the Freedom Roof Project began. The couple felt a need to give back to the community that has been such a big part of America’s Choice Roofing’s success in the Brazos Valley. With the desire to bring the community together they started the Freedom Roof Project, which helps local residents who are in need of a new roof and have no other way of getting assistance.

Visit where you now have a say in who receives free assistance and nominate a deserving friend or family member. The process is simple.  Fill out a brief form describing the extent of the damage, the reason the family needs assistance and attach a few pictures. You can also submit the story directly to or by mail to

Freedom Roof Project

c/o America’s Choice Roofing

4301 Alexis Ct

College Station, TX 77845.

America’s Choice Roofing will be accepting nominations until December 31,2012, so if you know someone who would greatly benefit from this service hurry and submit them. After January 1, 2013, the review panel will read over the submissions and choose the three most deserving families. The finalists will be announced by January 15, 2013, and released to the public on the website. After, it will be your turn to vote for your favorite family and give them the gift of a new roof. The voting will last until March 15, 2013, and the winner will be announced on March 18.